Education is the future of every nation. It would not be wrong if we consider that the development of modern times, solution of our problems, depends on the development of education. Because, without improvement of our education we can not solve the facing of problems or solve the most important issues. In other words, the level of education is the main factor that determines the level of quality that is indicator of the society.
Today, despite the dominancy of United States, United Kingdom and several European developed universities in world education, other countries’ universities tend to adapt quickly their education standards relevant to these countries and obtain new achievements. Although, the quality of education in above mentioned countries is high, the education fee is high as well. Therefore, for the international students the main criteria, while choosing the university, is to get high quality education with cheaper expenditure. Consequently, in terms of this Azerbaijan can be considered as the ideal country.
Although Azerbaijan is newly formed country, it has strong education system. The main reason of that is the vital role of former Soviet Union education system in the formation of the educational tradition and education system of Azerbaijan. While being still part of the Soviet Union, many foreign students around the world, had their education in Azerbaijan and were provided with good positions in their home country.
After gaining independence, Azerbaijan with its previous educational tradition and scientific potential of the education system has been integrated into the European and as well as to world education system. Azerbaijan universities joined to Bologna process as soon as possible and has implemented joint projects and programs with a number of leading universities. As a result, most of the Azerbaijan universities, in a short time, has achieved great success through tremendous progress route. For this reason, in recent years students, from the more than 70 countries around the world, have chosen Azerbaijan Universities. The main advantages of studying in Azerbaijan are following:
1.Azerbaijan is one of the modern European countries. With studying in Azerbaijan you will get a chance to have education in 3 languages - Azerbaijan (can be considered a dialect of Turkish language), Russian and English.
2.Education in Azerbaijan is much cheaper compared to other countries. In addition, the standard of life in Azerbaijan is not expensive either.
3.The level of education in Azerbaijan Universities is very high. Students who have graduated from these universities, are able to find job easily not only in Azerbaijan but also all over the world.
4.Azerbaijan is the most stable country in the world, with the least crime rate.
5.Azerbaijan is one of the world's most tolerant and hospitable nations. Here, it is impossible to mention any discrimination on the basis of religion, ethnicity, sexual and etc.
6.Azerbaijan can play the role of a springboard for your future. By studying in Azerbaijan you can get Azerbaijan citizenship easily and with this citizenship it will be more comfortable to travel many countries, including European countries, without a visa, and some of them with simplified visa.
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